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Dropshipping Website Stores

How Do I Get My Dropshipping Store Generating Traffic And Sales?

We provide a social media marketing materials to help you get enough targeted traffic to convert to sales. You are targeting impulse customers and purchases so it is an easy sell once customers arrive to your site…Our marketing plan covers all social media channels and mainly focuses on free methods of driving traffic to your new site. It will be a matter of finding what suits you, in terms of social media marketing and sticking to it. You are always free to advertise in any way that you would like also.

Why AliExpress?

There are a lot of dropshipping services out there, but AliExpress is free—you don’t have to pay a fee to get started. Besides that, most sellers on AliExpress provide clear, eye-catching product photos and detailed product descriptions, so you don’t have to purchase either an expensive DSLR camera to take standout photos or hire a copywriter to write professional product descriptions. You just order the product on AliExpress after you get an order from a customer. There is no sign of information or price on the package from AliExpress or from its sellers.

What is Included With My Dropshipping Store?

Premium Domain Name OF YOUR CHOICE, Premium Design, including Add-ons & Plugins, Social Media Marketing Guide, Operational Guide, Dropshipping URLs – direct supplier links to each product inventory (one wholesaler site) Free Hosting and Top Notch Customer Support.

 Can I buy multiple sites at a reduced price?

Of course…it is good to get started with 3 sites in different niches and centralize your marketing efforts to see what is working and what is not…when you find what suits you in terms of social media marketing, you can duplicate, scale up and reap the benefits of a full time income with no real barriers to growth.

It is equally as good to start out with 1 dropship store and if you would like, and later on add another to your portfolio of sites.

Free hosting permanently?

Yes free hosting permanently. This is added benefit of having no ongoing other website vendors offer this! Of course if you want us to transfer your dropshipping store to your hosting it is no problem.

 How about Payment Gateways, is PayPal the best?

Paypal is the only gateway we use on our sites. This is the most trusted payment gateway worldwide and customers feel most comfortable when checking out via PayPal. Other gateways can lose you customers particularly if they are entering credit card info….With the PayPal payment gateway the customer doesn’t even need a PayPal account to complete payment. They can pay via PayPal with any credit or debit card without any problems or anxiety about entering their details because PayPal is such a secure and trusted site.

 What platform is the site built on?

Dropship stores are WordPress optimized for mobile devices. This the best possible platform for ecommerce and as mentioned you will have no ongoing expenses…

 Can you make changes to the sites, change prices or add and remove products?

Yes Easily – The sites are sold as it is with the predefined content. However, you will have FULL control over your WordPress site to change prices and add or remove products. Everything will be transferred under your name and you are the owner of the site(s) that we are selling and you can do ANYTHING you wish to do with it. This means you can change the design as long as you keep it with WordPress platform. You can also change pricing/add/delete a total of 1,000 product items if you want. The Real focus should be on advertising your products, we will provide the marketing materials for. Of course, we are not going to do the actual marketing for you, but if you follow the materials, it will surely pay off.

Do You Have Sites Ready to Deliver?

Yes we do. Please see our available sites with which we will make with the available domain of your choice.

Any other Questions?

Let is know if you have any more questions we are always happy to get your started on your journey as an ecommerce business owner..

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